What Tom’s Grandma Does in the Dark, Rahm to Win Eight Majors, Ohio State Spring Game Preview, and more.

Tom and I reunite for our first conversation in years. We launched the first episode of our podcast with the hopes of bringing so much more. 

Seemingly, Tom's love for Dusty Baker seems to come up in every conversation -mainly because of our PTSD of being Reds fans.

Speaking of the Reds, we discuss what the "heck" happened to baseball (may not have used that word). We reminisce about how our grandma's listened to baseball games on 700 WLW without fail. And now MLB is changing its rules to get viewers, speed up the game, and appeal to the younger generation. Tom and I contend on the show that our love of the game came from playing. 
It’s called a Pete Rose slide.

Tom gives his take on why Jon Rahm will win eight Majors in the PGA. He will write more on this later, but he feels now that he has gotten his temper in check, his talent will take over. 

The Ohio State football team. Will Brian Hartline be an aggressive play caller, what does it mean for James Lauranitis to come to the Buckeye staff. 

We close out the show with Tom giving his top betting options for the weekend. Wednesday, we will find out how broke he is. 

Until then, find us on PodBean, YouTube, Twitter and maybe go buy a t-shirt in the store. 

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